Teachers & Assistants

Kia Naddermier

Kia Naddermier Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

Kia has over 20 years experience of Ashtanga Yoga and is the main teacher & director of Mysore Yoga Paris. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Paris where she upholds the daily Mysore-program at the Shala. She is a dedicated advanced practitioner and teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas and adjustment techniques. She mentors teachers, runs long-term apprentice programs and gives workshops, trainings and retreats internationally. Kia has studied extensively within the traditional lineage of Ashtanga Yoga, and continues to practice, research and explore this vast tradition. She is a devoted, long-term student of Shri O.P. Tiwariji and his son Sudhir Tiwariji. She is certified to teach directly by Tiwariji, according to the Kavalyadham-lineage. She returns to Kavalyadham several times each year to pursue her studies of advanced Pranayama, Kriyas, Ayurveda, traditional scriptures and scientific research around yoga. Kia teaches with careful adherence to the authentic teachings of Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama whilst encouraging each individual to explore the beauty of the practice for themselves. With a genuine dedication to the growth and development of her students, her way of teaching integrates her profound knowledge of the breath and Pranic energy, subtle and physical anatomy, with yogic principles. She offers an including, warm and inspiring space open for personal exploration and transformation. Her deep love and years of dedication to all aspects of this practice shines through in her attentive, insightful and inspirational teaching.

Lise De La Brosse

Lise Guetta de la Brosse Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

Lise has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for more than a decade. She has been assisting Kia for over 5 years in the Shala as well as at her international retreats, trainings and workshops. Since Lise discovered Ashtanga Yoga, she quickly realised what a positive effect a regular practice has on her body and mind. When she met Kia she discovered an approach to Ashtanga Yoga that she found deeply respectful of each individual’s own intention and capacity. Understanding how to develop a mindful and profound practice is something she considers absolutely necessary in caring with serenity for her 3 children! Being a mother and a yoga practitioner has led Lise to also study and teach yoga for children. She is also in charge of developing the Moon Day Restorative Practice in the Shala. Lise continues to deepen her knowledge of Pranayama and philosophy with Kia, adding yet another important layer to her practice and teaching path. Lise is a talented and highly appreciated teacher at Mysore Yoga Paris. She aims to share the powerful tools of this practice with sensitivity and joy for the benefit of all both on and off the mat. Lise manages the Shala with Kia, working closely with her to develop its beautiful yoga community in Paris and around the world.

Maura Mulvaney

Maura Mulvaney Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

Maura is a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner who has extensive experience in body-work. She is a certified Pilates instructor (Romana Kryzanowskya method), massage therapist and has studied the G.D.S. Method of Muscle-Joint chains. Her interest in exploring body patterns and talent for creating a practice adapted to each individual is apparent in her gentle and attentive way of teaching. Maura continues her practical and theoretical studies of Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama under Kia´s guidance as her apprentice.


Haengsoo Song Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

After many years spent in video editing rooms, Sandra crossed the path of yoga. Invited by her soulmate in 2014, she soon notices how the practice changes her life in a subtle but deep way. She stands up from her editing-desk and opens to the light! Sandra discovers Mysore Yoga Paris to be the place where she wants to develop her practice. She attends the shala timidly but regularly, adjusting at best her activities of filmmaking and her life as a Mom and nomad. On a trip to South India, she trains at the Sivananda School. She also studies restorative yoga with Lizzie Lasater, practicing and sharing it with happiness and joy. Her encounter with Kia was determinant in her practice, which under Kia's eye and caring guidance takes on a more engaged and conscious dimension. Finally, she becomes her apprentice to continue to learn and explore closer to the well, and in turn to share her journey with beginning practitioners.

Nicolas Maloufi

Nicolas Maloufi Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

Nicolas is a choreographer, dancer and assists Kia´s Mysore classes in the Shala. He encountered Ashtanga Yoga through his dance journey. Nicolas immediately experienced the freedom to feel at home wherever he goes by simply stepping onto his yoga mat. The practice brings him serenity, calm, peace and steadiness - even when everything is moving all around… He feels a daily, dedicated yoga practice, is an opportunity to meet oneself a little bit more. It´s an opportunity to open to others by knowing more about oneself. Nicolas loves teaching and has begun his apprenticeship under Kia’s guidance to deepen his practice and to become more helpful for others on their yoga-journey.

Ana Maria Lozano Riviera

Ana Maria Lozano Riviera Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

Ana Maria discovered Ashtanga Yoga with Kia. When she took up a regular practice, she discovered yoga to be a therapeutic method. The practice allows her to find balance of body and mind, and enables her to develop a state of health and inner clarity. As an organic artist and anthropologist in training, Ana is currently developing a project that seeks to revisit the roots of ancestral knowledge in order to help reconnect our bodies to the natural environment. Ana Maria continues her practical and theoretical studies of Ashtanga Yoga as Kia's apprentice. She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with mindfulness and attention to alignment, to those discovering Ashtanga Yoga.

Hélène Couderc

Helene Couderc Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

With a background as a certified Pilates instructor (in the original Romana Kryzanowska method) as well as many years in fitness, Hélène was drawn to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. She quickly noticed a significant shift in her life, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. After meeting Kia, Hélène took up a regular Yoga and Pranayama practice, which enabled her to deepen her understanding of Yoga as a whole. Hélène is an appreciated teacher at Mysore Yoga Paris and also assists Kia on her international workshops and retreats.

Paula Rios Fernandez

Paula Rios Fernandez Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Anatomy teacher Mysore Yoga Paris

Paula started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Argentina more than ten years ago. After leaving her home country, she came to Paris to work as Medical Doctor and Researcher. From the first day she met Kia, she felt an instant recognition in her authentic and mindful way to live and transmit Yoga. Paula is passionate about using different fields of knowledge in order to build a solid, inspiring and lifelong Yoga practice. She deepens her understanding of yoga as Kia’s apprentice and is a much-appreciated Mysore teacher and assistant at Mysore Yoga Paris. Kia and Paula work together in order to integrate the anatomical and medical knowledge with their experience as yoga practitioners and teachers. They share this common research with their students at Kia’s In-depth Development Training. Paula also works on developing a feminine perspective of Ashtanga yoga. She trains with Doctor Bernadette de Gasquet to learn how to use Yoga to empower women during critical periods of their lives like pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.