David Robert Mysore Yoga Paris Ashtanga Yoga Studio Paris 11e

Name: David Robert
Nationality: French
Occupation: Musician and guitar teacher
When and how did you start practicing yoga?
I started in 2009. A friend of mine, Hélène Salomon, had asked me to come with her to an open house at Centre Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Paris. She didn’t come but I went anyway. It was a revelation and I can´t thank her enough! In September 2010 I switched to Ashtanga. My two main teachers were Dorion Davis and Eric Depoil. Later I did a workshop with Sheshadri and after that I went to India to study with him. I was looking for something more dynamic and I found it.
Has yoga changed you?
Of course, mentally and physically. Before I was a bit lazy and not very athletic. Now I have an alarm clock that I call my Mysore clock, which takes me out of bed every morning. I’ve become more sensitive. I used to be very shy, now I’m much more open, confident, patient and tolerant; I have a sister with whom I communicate much better. Yoga has also awakened my interest in spirituality and for the world around me in general.
What inspires you to keep practicing?
My teachers, friends I met during my stay in India, some books… The joy and satisfaction that I feel after practice is invaluable. But above all it’s my teacher Kia who inspires me in my daily yoga practice. She’s someone who radiates with kindness; her precision when adjusting and her knowledge about Yoga… A true teacher-student relationship has developed between us. Kia has also given me the opportunity to become one of her assistants and to be under her guidance reassures and comforts me in my commitment to Yoga. For me it is a culmination and the beginning of a great new adventure.
Describe your practice in 3 words:
Challenging, beauty and breath.
Where do you go to find peace in Paris?
I’m in the metro every day. The only place where I can have a rest is at home.

Kia Naddermier