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Name: Malena Beer
Nationality: Argentinian/ Austrian
Occupation: Choreographer, dancer and Yoga teacher.
When and how did you start practicing yoga?
I discovered the yoga practice 11 years ago in Buenos Aires, with the choreographer I used to work with. I found this practice very interesting and deep so I have decided to take some Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga classes before coming to Paris. Little by little yoga have entered my life and now I’ve been practicing regularly for more than 8 years.
Has yoga changed you?
Yes! Yoga has changed me a lot and in many aspects. It has brought me precious skills for life! Yoga is an amazing tool that has allowed me to open locks in my body (most of them are always mental and emotional locks), also opening my heart and emotions, and sharpening my mind. I think that yoga by allowing me to perceive my body differently, have permitted me to “see” and perceive the world “clearly” and in a deeper, more connected and happier way. The landscapes inside are also outside and vice versa.  The concentration on the breathing and its control, Pranayama, is also a beautiful part of the practice that brought me the possibility to control my mind and my emotions. It permits me to feel more and more the energies that flow inside and outside, making me feel part of the universe, very far from the daily and mundane worries and very close to the essence of life.
What inspires you to keep practicing?
The fact that each day is a different, an unexpected journey. Because we are different every day, because we change day by day, because the more I practice the deeper I go, because it’ss a way to be in an endless way. You can’t possess it.
Describe your practice in 3 wodrs:
Humility, meditation, happiness.
Where do you go to find peace in Paris?
To Mysore class with Kia. Near water (Canal Saint Martin and Quai de Seine), Buttes Chaumont and Fontainebleau forest. And to friends houses.

Kia Naddermier