NORIKO ODA Mysore Yoga Paris Ashtanga Yoga Studio Paris 11e

Name: Noriko Oda
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: I take part in documentary film projects.
When and how did you start practicing yoga?
I was first introduced to yoga in Japan in 2004. I’m practicing Ashtanga since 2005, after moving to Paris. At first, I was interested in yoga for its physical benefits but it didn’t take long before I was aware that this was the path for finding peace in oneself.
Has yoga changed you?
Yes, in many ways!
Since I started practicing, I’m more aware of subtle changes in my body and mind. I’m learning to observe my thoughts and feelings without being overwhelmed by them or criticizing myself. Yoga helped me become able to accept my limits more easily and I’m much more patient with myself now.
What inspires you to keep practicing?
My teachers, yoginis and yogis with whom I share the pleasure of practice.
Describe your daily practice in 3 words:
Challenge, Pleasure and Serenity.
Where do you go to find peace in Paris?
On the mat, in a less crowded park (where I can lie down on a lawn) or in my apartment relaxing.

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