Yoko photographed at Kia´s summer retreat in the Spanish mountains 2018

Yoko photographed at Kia´s summer retreat in the Spanish mountains 2018

Name: Yoko Sato

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Yoga Teacher

When and how did you start practicing yoga? I participated in a dance workshop when one of the dancers, now my friend, said to me that I have to do yoga. He thought my energy was not circulating well..! This was in 2008 - I started and continued yoga thanks to my teacher in Japan. 

How did you find Mysore Yoga Paris? After moving to Paris, I was searching for good Ashtanga teacher, particularly Mysore style. I met Kia and after few sessions with her great teaching, I happily decided to continue..! 

Describe what the Shala is to you? A safe space that allows each individual to contribute and share their yoga moments with love and trust.

Has a committed Mysore practice changed you, how? I love practicing Ashtanga Yoga - always in the morning before I start my day. At Mysore Yoga Paris, with Kia and the Mysore community, I can focus on my personal practice and my own rhythm while being held in a beautiful and supportive atmosphere…

What is the significance of working so consistently with a teacher and method? A deep understanding for ones personal constitution and characteristics is developed; not only on a physical level but also energetically and emotionally. When working consistently with a teacher, confidence and trust is cultivated over time.

What inspires you to keep practicing? I think I will continue to practice my whole life - I feel it is deeply beneficial for my body and mind. This experience in itself motivates me to practice. And as a yoga teacher, developing my personal practice is of course essential.

Describe your practice in 3 words: Love, Health, つながり

Where do you go to find peace in Paris? In my yoga practice with dear Kia. In my yoga classes with lovely people. And also where I can dance and talk with my dear friends... 

Kia Naddermier