Yotam Agam Sound Scapes at Mysore Yoga Paris Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Name: Yotam Agam
Nationality: Israel ( Food for thought … ) So my answer is Israel, Egypt, India… and France.

Occupation: Creative space, Music, Business , Art.

When and how did you start practicing yoga?
Started in 2004 in India , living in Chennai, and just having my 2nd born daughter, I started visiting a local simple centre where you practice simple traditional Hana on straw mats.

How did you find Mysore Yoga Paris? Being on the road for many years I found Mysore Yoga Paris on a simple Google search…

Describe what the Shala is to you? Feeling of Home, community, love, self-development.

Has a committed Mysore practice changed you, how? I think on many levels, from the simple things of physical freedom to how I perceive and act in life. The daily practice is an ever changing dance between me myself and I. It has so many reflections that arise and make you think, act and change your patterns.

What inspires you to keep practicing?
The journey I am in, and the discoveries.

Does practice influence your work as a producer in what way?
Very much. On the creative side it makes me more subtle and confident, and on the business side it helps me to focus and listen to others.

Describe your practice in 3 words:
Ceremony, Discipline, Strength.

Where do you go to find peace in Paris?
In Sandra’s arms. And in the Shala ;-)

Listen to Yotam´s divine MY{P} track – partially recorded during Mysore practice at the Shala…!

“A place like no other in Paris, a temple of breaths and self practice, a source of growth, creativity and community. I salute. Nothing that I will lay down on this track can transfer the feeling of practicing there.”

Kia Naddermier