Moon Days

Observing moon days is a way to recognize the ebb and flow in nature and within our own begins, so we can live more in tune with these cycles
— Kia Naddermier
Ashtanga Yoga Moon Days Restorative Practice and Pranayama at Mysore Yoga Paris yoga studio Paris

Just as the tides are influenced by the phases of the moon, so are we humans, consisting as we do of approximately 65% water. In Yoga, the full moon corresponds to the top of the inhalation and the very peak of Prana Vauy - the expansive and upward-moving direction of Prana. The full moon provides energy and heat, but can increase the tendency to lose connection to earth. The new moon is associated with the end of the exhalation when Apana - the contracting and downward-moving direction of Prana - is at its strongest. During this time the energy is quieter and cooler, but the tendency can be towards heaviness and lethargy.Practising Yoga over time creates a greater sensitivity towards energetic movements and influences. Observing moon days is a way to recognise the ebb and flow in nature and within our own beings, so we can live more in tune with these cycles.



Moon Day Pranayama Practice with Kia Naddermier

Jan 21st / Feb 19th / March 21st / April 19th / June 17th / December 12th

On Full Moon Kia offers a Pranayama class instead of the regular Mysore class. In this 90 min class Kia will guide you through both the philosophy and practice of Pranayama (yogic breathing practices), Kriyas (yogic purification techniques), Mantra Japa (recitation) and sitting. These sessions allow practitioners to deepen their appreciation of the subtleties of breath and its significance in yogic practices and philosophy. New students are introduced to traditional teachings of Pranayama & Kriyas, whilst those with more experience are able to refine and deepen their practice and understanding. This class open to all levels and included in your regular class card.

Moon Day Restorative Practice with Lise de la Brosse

March 6th / April 5th / June 3rd / July 2nd / October 28th / November 12th / November 26th

On New Moon days Lise offers Restorative Practice in the Shala. She will mindfully guide you through a relaxing sequence of postures developed particularly for times like moon days, when the energy is lower and a more quiet approach is recommended. Over time you will learn this sequence by heart so you can use it whenever you need to restore and replenish. This nourishing practice cultivates awareness and helps the body to release and let go of muscle tension and joint restrictions. It balances the nervous system and teaches us how to listen internally and adapt the practice to support our physical needs and mind state. Cultivating a restorative practice to complement your regular Ashtanga practice is an invaluable tool to have in life as we – just like the moon – wax and wane. This 90-min class open to all levels and included in your regular class card.


* Please note: on both Full- and New Moon days the Shala will not be open for regular Mysore practice. On these days please arrive 10mins before the class, to sign in and set up in peace as we will begin punctually. We advice you to wear comfortable, warm clothes and a shawl for covering up when remaining still for longer. For pranayama class, you can bring your own yoga mat if you like or use our meditation cushions.