Restorative practice

I will let my body flow like water over the gentle cushions
— Sappho
Verushka by Richard Avedon, Vogue 1972.

Verushka by Richard Avedon, Vogue 1972.


On New Moon days we offer Restorative Practice in the Shala. Lise mindfully guides us through a relaxing sequence of postures that is developed particularly for times like moon days, when the energy is lower and a more quiet approach is recommended. Over time you will learn this sequence by heart so you can use it whenever you need to restore and replenish. This nourishing practice cultivates awareness and helps the body to release and let go of muscle tension and joint restrictions. It balances the nervous system and teaches us how to listen internally and adapt the practice to support our physical needs and mind state. Cultivating a restorative practice to complement your regular Ashtanga practice is an invaluable tool to have in life as we – just like the moon – wax and wane.

Our Moon Day Restorative classes run from 8am-9.30am. Please arrive 10 mins before the class begins to sign in and set up in peace. We advise you to wear comfortable, warm cloths and socks, and to bring a shawl to cover up when we stay longer in poses.

Moon Day Restorative Classes: February 19th / March 6th / April 5th / June 3rd / July 2nd / October 28th / November 12th / November 26th