Mysore Style

There is a special kind of energy happening in Mysore classes […] There is compassion cultivated in the room for whatever life might have thrown your way. So although it is an individual practice and journey, there is a possibility to tap into the energy and strength of the group.
— Kia Naddermier


At Mysore Yoga Paris we are dedicated to passing on Ashtanga Yoga in the authentic way called Mysore Style. In a Mysore class students do their own practice while being given personalised instructions and adjustments from the teacher. You work closely with your teacher to develop your practice. How far you go in the sequence is particular to your body, and the pace is determined by your breathing pattern. You are required to memorise the sequence and, over time, postures are added by your teacher according to your constitution, readiness and ability. So in our Mysore classes we have all levels of practitioner practising together –a highly experienced person, perhaps a yoga teacher, next to someone who is just beginning, or someone recovering from an injury and another who may be 6 months pregnant… It is an individual practice done in a group setting.

It is only by self-practice that you progress deeper into the system of Ashtanga Yoga. By learning to listen to, and move in synchronicity with, your breath, the senses become quiet, bringing about a deeper awareness. It is a way of practising that creates independence for the student, and allows space to listen internally rather than following the voice of a teacher. Having your own practice is an invaluable gift that you will always be able to use whether you practise in a Mysore class, at home or when travelling.

It is a way of practising that creates independence for the student, and allows space to listen internally...
— Kia Naddermier


Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally practised early in the morning with the rising of the sun. It is beneficial to practise at this time as the Prana (life energy) is at its highest. A daily practice builds a solid foundation of stability, a safe platform from which you can unlock the body and mind and develop self awareness. Practising in silence and moving with your breath enables you to listen internally, allowing your individual practice to deepen and fully unfold.


Mysore Style is considered to be the ideal and safest way to begin an Ashtanga practice since the practice is adapted to the individual rather than generalised as in a group class. If you are new to Mysore Style we advice you to take our Introduction to Mysore class. No pre-registration is necessary, you can find our schedule here. Please take a moment to look through the Good to know page before attending your first class. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!