A Mantra Exploration

HUNCH – a new album by Yotam Agam and the Carnatic Vocalist Mahesh Vinayakram beautifully interpreted by film photographer Sandra Schultze.

Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvaartha saadhike Sharanye trayambake Gauri Narayani namosthute

The brand new album Hunch is a result of music and Mantra exploration between the Carnatic Vocalist Mahesh Vinayakram (son of the legendary Vikku Vinayakram) and Yotam Agam musician, producer and Mysore practitioner in the Shala.

For many years Yotam and Mahesh has explored the thin line of soft electronic soundscapes and Indian devotional songs. Walking a similar path as musicians and practitioners, they always strive for their collaborations to stay true to their original scripts and meaning.

The work has evolved over many years in studios, in classes, retreats and on the road, after which they started recording.

– Sandra Schultze, film photographer and dedicated practitioner at Mysore Yoga Paris, some words about this breath-taking video?

Every year at the hottest months, I am shooting short films on environmental issues in India. One of the project this year brought me to Varanasi where we had to spend long days on the heavy, loud, dirty streets. I had never been in Varanasi, but heard so much about it, saw so many images, read testimonies and had a clear idea of what to expect – but had in fact no clue of what was coming..!

The morning of that shoot, we decided to wake up at 5am to watch the daily Aarthi Puja ceremony on the river. A beautiful choreography performed by young men with fire and lots of accessories.

After which we began our early morning cruise on the Ganges. We watched the Ghatts passing by like a film-roll unfolding. One building after the other revealing its majesty in the morning mist, ordinary daily tasks peacefully being taken care of by men and women, kids and elderlies. Everyone in his own pace, unaware of the beauty created by their moves in the eye of my lens.

I don’t know if these images can transfer what Varanasi was that morning, but I think it carries what it was for us in that very moment.

– Yotam, please tell us about your next Soundscape session at Mysore Yoga Paris June 19th…

The next Soundscape in the Shala will naturally be very influenced by the latest release. I will try to thread a story to escort the practice, flavoured by the minimalist Soundscape of the album and the Mantras to enhance the experience...

Yotam Agam will lay his divine Soundscapes live for us in the Shala during Mysore / Intro Mysore June 19th 2019! More info HERE

Listen to the full album Hunch HERE

Kia Naddermier